Our world has gone digital, which means that figures and data are also exchanged electronically. However, it is important to note that when exchanging financial data, we are dealing with very sensitive data that must be specially protected. This means that special measures must be taken to protect it. So digitization is not just about digitizing, it is about creating the right framework that is secure and meets the requirements of data protection authorities. We support you in this.

Your advantage

With the help of a suitable digital platform, we can optimize your processes, ensure the necessary data security and accelerate data exchange. Digital collaboration between you and us takes place via the DATEV data center. As a client, you scan your documents and transfer them via the data center so that we also have access to them.

The digitized documents remain in the document archive and are available to all authorized persons at any time. This allows us to work independently of each other in terms of time and space, and also makes it easy for you to implement alternative working models such as home office. The electronic data exchange is simple, secure, fast, flexible and reduces the administrative effort.

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Our range of services

Digital financial accounting

  • Legal certainty for online documents

  • Quick and easy transmission of receipts and data
  • Constant availability of the company's key figures
  • Digital payroll accounting for your employees
  • High data security
  • Location-independent, simplified correspondence with clients

Digital payroll accounting

  • Preliminary payroll entry: You can enter your payroll data yourself in advance. Your data can then be transferred to our office system via corresponding interfaces.
  • DATEV Employees online: With this, your employees receive all wage and salary documents digitally.
  • Other wage data and documents can also be exchanged quickly and securely.