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Traditional address, modern philosophy: For 31 years, Consensus Steuerberatungsgesellschaft has resided in Bremen's Contrescarpe, in an old villa on the historic ramparts of the city centre. And offers more than just annual accounts: Management consultancy, business mediation and criminal tax defence.

"We want to accompany our clients in their entrepreneurial development. We are looking for doers, people who want to shape things," says tax consultant Peter Rasch, partner and managing director of Consensus. The annual financial statements are free of number graveyards, are graphically prepared for each client - including advice that accompanies clients in their growth. Even in advance, Peter Rasch's team considers how processes in the company can be optimised. If desired, the consultant can come to the company several times a year. Sector and market analyses also provide an overview of competitors. And if something should go wrong with the figures, the tax consultancy contacts the company independently and in good time - "no one has to come to us with a stomach ache before the annual financial statement," says Rasch, who personally checks every annual financial statement.

The comprehensive view of the client's concerns is a matter of the heart. A view that developed from one of Rasch's passions: mediation. With the Consensus subsidiary, Wirtschaftsmediation Bremen GmbH, Rasch mediates in the event of problems within the company, within departments or in the event of conflicts in company succession. "Mediation is about specifically addressing the needs of all parties - this has an effect on our tax advice, we look differently, more closely and more comprehensively," says the 51-year-old. In addition to tax advice, management consulting and mediation, Rasch and his 14 employees also defend clients before the fiscal court - in the case of fundamental decisions, even all the way to the Federal Fiscal Court. "We help clients to their rights, and have not lost any proceedings yet."

Digitalised tax office
More than the standard - that is the motto at Consensus. For this reason, all employees receive twice as many training hours per year as prescribed, because "knowledge is capital". In addition, Rasch has been certified by the German Tax Advisors Association (DStV) with the "DStV Quality Seal" until April 2016, a standard that only one percent of all law firms have achieved so far. In this way, Consensus is also making itself fit for the digitalised tax office, or as Rasch puts it, "always one step ahead!



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