For many people, the step into self-employment means leaving their familiar terrain and setting out on new adventures. First of all, we would like to congratulate you on this step, because it requires courage and a good idea. Of course, there are many challenges involved, but with our existential consulting we will help you to master them. We will be happy to accompany you on your way.

Your advantages

Anyone who sets up their own business must expect to make mistakes along the way and must be prepared to accept setbacks. However, this does not apply to avoidable mistakes, which, as the name suggests, should be avoided. Because they usually cost unnecessary money and reduce motivation. Our business consulting service helps you to carefully prepare your business start-up and to realistically assess the prospects of success. We clarify open questions with you and point out the requirements that the tax office may have for you. In this way we avoid unnecessary mistakes so that you can start with full power.

Our range of services

  • Tax and commercial registrations
  • Creation of a to-do list
  • Advice on the implementation of the accounting system,
  • Advice on applications for public funding
  • Support during bank meetings
  • Advice on pricing and calculation
  • Set up your financial accounting
  • Selection of the tax-optimised legal form
  • Preparation of foundation reports
  • Advice on success and market opportunities

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Other interesting services

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Payroll accounting is a central task in any company that employs people. We make sure that everything is correct.

How does your company stand? Hand over your financial accounting to us - then you know and can react to changes.

The annual financial statement - we take care of its timely preparation and transmission and also offer you comprehensive tax advice.