The area of social media is increasingly coming into the focus of the financial authorities.

What starts small on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok & Co. has quickly developed into a not insignificant source of income for some. For many, the question then arises of what happens to the taxes and what can and may be deducted.

Your advantages

We have worked with a variety of influencers and public figures for years and can draw on our experience.

With us, you won't find outdated tax advice that only raises more questions for you. We explain every tax aspect to you simply and efficiently so that you have a better insight into your figures and results at all times in the future.

Throughout Germany, no matter where, we support you either on site or digitally via Zoom, for example.

We clarify the most important questions with you and are your protective wall against the tax offices.

Our range of services

  • Takeover of all correspondence from the tax office
  • Taking care of the tedious tax matters
  • Advice on optimal tax structuring
  • Defence against unjustified. Demand of the tax authorities
  • Tax analysis of your activity
  • Drawing up to-do lists
  • Support and preparation of registrations with your municipality as well as with your competent tax office