At the end of the fiscal year, the annual financial statements, the corporate income tax return, the trade tax return and the VAT return must be prepared. The annual financial statement after the end of the business year bears witness to how successfully the company has operated. Various groups of people are interested in them, such as bankers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees and customers. Therefore, the annual financial statement is also considered as a business card of your company.

Your advantages

We not only prepare the annual financial statements for you, but also offer comprehensive tax advice. We show you your tax advantages and support you in saving taxes. Thanks to many years of professional experience and our large team, we accompany you and give you a detailed overview for future measures and actions.

Our range of services

  • Annual financial statements, commercial and tax balance sheet, interim balance sheet
  • Supplementary and special balance sheet
  • Opening and closing balances
  • Conflict balance
  • Maintenance of the investment register
  • Income statement for freelancers, tradesmen not required to keep accounts and associations
  • Participation in the preparation of the notes to the financial statements and the management report
  • Electronic transmission of the e-balance sheet with corresponding taxonomy
  • Electronic publication or deposit to the Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette)