Every citizen with residence or habitual abode in Germany who receives or earns income must also pay income tax to the state. If he or she only has income from a salaried employment relationship, the tax liability is already paid when the employer pays the wage tax. In most cases, however, the income tax is not so simple. Therefore, it is often advisable for private households to seek professional tax advice.

Your advantages

For many, the preparation of the income tax return is a big puzzle. We solve the puzzle for youm so that you have more time for the essentials in life such as your family, your hobbies and your work. We ensure that you take full advantage of all tax benefits, take care of your annual tax return obligations and, of course, we are also there for you beyond that.

Your types of income

1. income from agriculture and forestry

  • e.g. the operation of agriculture, forestry, viticulture, horticulture, nurseries and from all operations that extract plants and plant parts with the help of natural forces

2. income from business operations

  • e.g. if you are a sole proprietor or small business owner.

3. income from self-employment

  • e.g. physicians, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, notaries, patent attorneys, surveyors, engineers, architects, commercial chemists, auditors, tax consultants, consulting economists and business economists, certified public accountants, tax agents, non-medical practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, journalists, photojournalists, interpreters, translators, pilots and similar professions.

4. income from non-employed activity

  • e.g. If you are in an employment relationship.

5. income from capital assets

  • e.g. if you have received dividend payouts or earn interest income

6. income from renting and leasing

  • e.g. if you rent out property or land

7. other income

  • e.g. private sales transactions or transactions with cryptocurrencies