We at Consensus Steuerberatungsgesellschaft support the brothers Marcel and Sven Paufler from Bremen on their way to the World Championships in the canoe marathon in South Africa in September with financial means, professional equipment and a lot of passion. At the beginning of the year, Marcel and Sven Paufler were invited to various honours due to their outstanding achievements in the past season.

They were allowed to take part in the Lower Saxony Ball of Sports in Hanover, were honoured by the Bremen State Canoe Association and also by their club. Both the LKV Bremen and Störtebeker Bremer Paddelsport have been supporting the two athletes for years. They were also invited to the Senate Honour of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, which took place at the same time as the annual reception of the Bremen State Sports Association.
The team at Consensus Steuerberatung is very pleased about the recognition they have received. After all, this also motivates them for the upcoming season! The two were also invited to Bremen Sport TV. The TV report was primarily about the Senate honour, but in the subsequent interview, of course, it was also about the upcoming challenges.

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