From the creative start-up as an entrepreneur to the capital-intensive high-tech company, the spectrum of business start-ups is diverse. In addition to traditional start-ups in the trades or in commerce, there are many interesting economic sectors that offer potential. However, anyone who wants to become professionally self-employed always needs a sophisticated plan on how he or she can turn the business idea into reality. This plan should take into account all factors that can be decisive for success or failure. Equally important are competent advice and guidance, contacts, and often financial support or collateral. Start-ups have to take a lot of tax considerations into account. It is important to set the right course right from the start.

We at Consensus Steuerberatung offer entrepreneurs qualified tax and business management advice, a comprehensive explanation of all questions about business expenses, receipts and invoices and also relieve them of bookkeeping.
It is very important that accounting and controlling can keep pace with a dynamic company development. For example, a company that generates 200,000 euros in its first year and 5 million euros in its second year should be able to map this in business management terms. Together with the entrepreneurs, we set the course for this in good time.

We offer interested parties a non-binding "warm-up consultation" every second Friday of the month from 12 to 5 pm for initial orientation and goal definition. In 20 minutes, we clarify the most important questions about starting a business. Afterwards, prospective entrepreneurs can take advantage of our in-house support programme, if required. The core of this offer is a six-month counselling phase for the start-up, which we offer to founders at special conditions. Appointments for the free warm-up consultations can be made by telephone on 0421/ 338960 . Give us a call. We look forward to meeting you.

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