Ownership and autonomy

Mediation focuses on the personal responsibility and autonomy of the conflict partners. After all, they themselves have the greatest competence to resolve their dispute - mediation enables them as mediators to work out a solution tailored to their needs on their own responsibility.

The mediator supports communication and ensures that the mediants disclose all necessary information - but does not intervene in the decision-making process and always remains neutral. He does not take the side of one of the conflict partners, but perceives the different points of view equally and equally.


Mediation is a voluntary process. Either side may terminate it at any time without justification.


All persons involved in the mediation are bound to secrecy

Business mediation

  • Disputed contractual matters
  • Conflicts between employees
  • Disputes between shareholders/management
  • Change processes in the company
  • Company succession planning and inheritance matters
  • Building projects

Family and inheritance mediation

  • you do not want to hurt your partner
  • you want an amicable solution
  • you want a quick settlement
  • you are interested in a less expensive procedure (compared to court proceedings)
  • you want to avoid the uncertain outcome of legal proceedings
  • you attach importance to a confidential procedure
  • Factual and personal problems intertwine
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